Forza 750


Matt Jeans Blue


Candy Chrome Red


Graphite Black Metallic


Matt Beta Silver

  • Matt Jeans Blue
  • Candy Chrome Red
  • Graphite Black Metallic
  • Matt Beta Silver
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We started with a question. What would it take to make the ultimate GT scooter? So, we examined every facet of performance. And came up with the answers. First, it needs to be compact enough to get through traffic and easily parked, yet comfortable for two with plenty of legroom for the rider. Add to this styling that draws the eye, wherever it rolls or stops. An enjoyable, strong engine with plenty of power is a must, as is a chassis that elevates handling, with excellent high-speed aerodynamics. And, as a transport tool, it must work for its rider, with useful space under the seat as well as a host of detail convenience that just makes life better.


As you never stop, neither does the Forza 750.

We’ve packed this scooter with premium features that help you live life your way. Always-on connectivity keeps you in the loop via your smartphone, and a vivid, full-colour TFT instrument display. There are three default riding modes to choose from, with the option for customisation and a seamless, six-speed, Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). And, through every split-second’s riding, Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) manages rear tyre traction.

Key Features

  • Classy and roomy GT styling provides weather protection for rider and pillion
  • 21L storage space includes USB charger, with easy to access front glovebox
  • Honda Smartphone Voice Control System offers smartphone link through new 5-inch TFT display
  • All lighting is LED; the front indicators and mirrors are body-mounted
  • Ignition, lock operation and seat opening via Smart Key

Engine and Chassis

  • Peak power of 43kW, with 69Nm torque and 7,000rpm redline
  • Throttle By Wire engine management
  • EURO5 compliant, with 27.8km/l possible (WMTC mode)
  • Tubular steel diamond frame, 41mm USD fork, Pro-Link suspension and aluminium swingarm 
  • Radial mount four-piston front brake calipers, 310mm discs and ABS
  • 17/15-inch cast aluminium front and rear wheels


Of course, riding is a unique pleasure.

But, if you’ve also got things to take care of, the new Honda Smartphone Voice Control system (available with Android™ devices only) links to your device for easy management – via the 5-inch TFT instrument display and left handlebar switchgear – of navigation, calls, messages and music.

Time is precious – so a Smart Key streamlines operation. Kept in your pocket, it operates the keyless ignition system, steering lock, fuel cap and seat. It also opens and locks the (optional) Smart Top Box.

And it pays to be seen, so we’ve added an Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) function; when you brake hard, the rear indicators flash to warn those behind. And there’s one less thing to think about, as the indicators auto-cancel. All lighting is super-efficient LED, for a distinct road presence with high visibility.


Engine Electronics

  • Throttle By Wire delivers 3 default riding modes, plus USER customisation
  • Honda Selectable Torque Control features much finer management and 3 levels of intervention

With TBW managing engine performance and character there are 3 modes for the rider to choose from, covering a wide range of riding conditions. Mode selection is managed between the left-hand switchgear and TFT display.

STANDARD delivers a balanced middle point between engine power delivery, engine braking and HSTC, with high ABS.

SPORT gives more aggressive engine power delivery and braking, with low HSTC intervention and high ABS.

RAIN transmits low engine power delivery and braking, with high HSTC and ABS input.

USER offers custom options of low/medium/high between engine power/braking, low/medium/high/off for HSTC.


Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) offers unobtrusive operation and refined control as it manages rear wheel torque thanks to TBW, over 3 levels:

Level 1 allows the minimum intervention for the lightest control over rear wheel spin.

Level 2 is the default setting and provides confidence-inspiring traction for general riding conditions.

Level 3 provides maximum control for slippery roads.

HSTC can also be switched OFF.

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

  • Differing shifting schedules employed depending on riding mode selected
  • USER mode allows choice of 4 settings, from smooth to aggressive

Honda’s DCT technology is now in its eleventh year of production, and over 140,000 DCT-equipped Honda two-wheelers have been sold in Europe since 2010. It delivers consistent, seamless gear changes and very quickly becomes second nature in use.

It uses two clutches: one for start-up and 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th gears, the other for 2nd, 4th and 6th, with the mainshaft for each clutch located inside the other for compact packaging. Each clutch is independently controlled by its own electro-hydraulic circuit. When a gear change occurs, the system pre-selects the target gear using the clutch not currently in use. The first clutch is then electronically disengaged as, simultaneously, the second clutch engages.

The result is a consistent, fast and seamless gear change. Furthermore, as the twin clutches transfer drive from one gear to the next with minimal interruption of the drive to the rear wheel, any gear change shock and pitching of the machine is minimised, making the change feel direct as well as smooth. Extra benefits include durability (as the gears cannot be damaged by missing a gear) impossibility of stalling, low stress urban riding and reduced rider fatigue.

The DCT system offers two distinct riding approaches – the Automatic settings, with pre-programmed shift patterns which constantly read vehicle speed, gear selected and engine rpm to decide when a shift should occur, and the Manual Transmission setting for gear changes using the paddle-shift style triggers on the left handlebar.

Through TBW control there are 3 Automatic shifting schedules and USER mode available. Level 1 is the most relaxed, with upshifts and downshifts operating at relatively lower rpm; it is linked with the RAIN riding mode. Level 4, on the other extreme, shifts up at higher rpm and also downshifts earlier for more engine braking effect; it is linked with the SPORT mode. Level 2 is linked with STANDARD riding mode, with Level 3 situated between STANDARD and SPORT.

The USER mode functionality allows the rider to select any of the DCT shift patterns with the preferred permutations of the other parameters – power delivery, engine braking, and HSTC.




Type Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve, SOHC parallel 2-cylinder
Displacement 745cc
Bore & Stroke 77mm x 80mm
Compression Ratio 10.7 : 1
Max. Power Output 43.1kW/6,750rpm(35kW/6,000rpm)
Max. Torque 69Nm/4,750rpm(65/4,000rpm)
Oil Capacity 4.0L
Carburation PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Fuel Tank Capacity 13.2 litres
Fuel Consumption 3.6L/100km
Starter Electric
Battery Capacity 12V/11.2AH
ACG Output 480W/5000rpm
Clutch Type Wet multiplate hydraulic 2-clutch
Transmission Type 6-speed dual clutch transmission
Final Drive Chain
Type Diamond; steel pipe
Dimensions (L´W´H) 2200m x 790mm x 1485mm
Wheelbase 1580mm
Caster Angle 27°
Trail 104mm
Seat Height 790mm
Ground Clearance 135mm
Kerb Weight 235kg
Type Front φ41mm USD,120mm stroke
Type Rear Monoshock damper, Pro-Link swingarm, 120mm travel
Type Front Spoke Wheel
Type Rear Spoke Wheel
Rim Size Front 17M/C x MT3.50
Rim Size Rear 15M/C x MT4.50
Tyres Front 120/70-R17M/C
Tyres Rear 160/60-R15M/C
ABS System Type 2-channel ABS
Type Front 310mm double hydraulic disc with radial 4-piston caliper
Type Rear 240mm single hydraulic disc with 1-piston caliper
Instruments 5inch color TFT Meter
Choose from 4 type design
Various functions can be selected and displayed
Can be operated by the switch on handle.
Security System Smart system
Headlight LED
Taillight LED


Awaiting latest examples

We start a new promotional period on the 1st July and there have been some price changes too; the representative examples will be live soon.  In the meantime, please contact us for a quote which suits your circumstances.