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Tyres, brake pads, chain and sprockets. No booking needed

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Tyre fitting prices

We’re now carrying more new tyre stock than we ever have before, and there should be no need to book for same day service.

We aim to have you turned around and back on the road in under 90 minutes for a loose wheel, or 2 hours for a fitted wheel – or you save a further 10% off your fitting price.

Fitting prices:

  • Tyres to loose wheel: £20
  • Front tyre : £25
  • Rear tyre: £30
  • Pair: £45

Prices include fitting, balance, valve and disposal of the old tyre. 

Spread the payment

We can usually spread the payment interest free over four months with PaymentAssist, without a credit check, for all pairs of tyres supplied and fitted.

Call to check if we have a specific tyre before travelling, if we don’t have it, we can generally get it next day for you.

Riding a Harley? No problem, our machines can go up to 240 section.  There’s a £20 additional charge for H-D rear tyre changes as they generally take a lot longer.

Call us now Why don't we repair tyres?
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Other fast fit pricing

We can offer same day fitting service on the following too:

  • Brake pads fitted: £20 per caliper
  • Chain and sprockets fitted: up to 300cc £40, over 300cc £60
  • Chain tension adjusted: £15 (or better still, we’ll show you how for free)
  • New number plate supplied and fitted: £25

Prices are for labour only, but we’re very competitive on parts supply too.

We supply and fit Genuine Honda parts to all Honda motorcycles and scooters, all fitted parts now have a 20% discount.

We fit recognised, quality brands including DID chains, EBC pads and others to all other manufacturers with a 10% discount when fitted.

Why don’t we plug tyres?

It partly a choice that we make based on our collective opinion, and partly a decision taken based on our liability should a plugged tyre develop a problem. In a show of hands around the dealership, half of the team would consider riding a plugged tyre, and half of the team wouldn’t.  It obviously depends a lot on the tyre, where the hole is, how big the hole is and how we feel about the quality of any repair.  We’d likely all consider riding on a well plugged tyre on a 125cc or scooter but the replacement cost is so close to the cost of a repair, it seems a false economy.

What about a repair if you’ve just bought and fitted the tyre? We know from experience how much it hurts to write off a nearly new tyre, but we still won’t plug it for you.

However, if you get a nail or screw within 1,000 miles or six months of us fitting a new tyre then we’ll fit you a new one for the cost of the replacement tyre only, with no labour charge.


Still going to get it plugged?

If you are thinking about getting a tyre plugged somewhere else, then the rules around the plugging tyres are different depending on their speed rating.

All plugs must be fitted only within the treaded area of the tyre, and only within 25% of the centre line. They should also be perpendicular to the rim.

Any tyre rated greater than J, all the way up to a V-rated tyre which is capable of speeds up to 149mph, can have one single repair with a plug of 3mm or less.

If you’ve got a Z-rated tyre, capable of speeds of 150mph or more, it can only be plugged if sanctioned by the manufacturer. That means checking with the tyre maker.