On a Honda you can

Avoid the daily grind

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Commute in a better way

Now more than ever, commuting in the city can cost you serious time and money. On a Honda you can commute in a better way. Avoid those long delays and crammed space.

Designed around a hyper-efficient engine without sacrificing performance or handling, the CB125F provides the perfect gateway into motorcycles and an extremely cost-effective commuting choice. Riding past traffic and getting to your destination up to 50% faster than on the bus.


Find out more about the CB125F here
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23YM HONDA VISION 110-Vision 110
23YM HONDA SH125i-SH125i

Avoid those long delays

If you need to traverse the city streets quickly and affordably, then choosing either our Vision 110 or SH125i scooters is a strong option. The sleek, comfortable scooters are the peak of urban transportation, allowing you to cross the city without having to worry about bustling stations or traffic jams.

Find out more about the Vision 110 For more information about the SH125i click here
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Be secure knowing where your new bike is

Purchase a new CB125F, Vision 110 or SH125i and you’ll also get 12 month Datatool Security subscription


How it works

  1. STEALTH activates automatically when your bike is stationary, and monitors it for signs of unauthorised activity.
  2. If movement is detected STEALTH will send you an SMS.
  3. If you confirm a theft is taking place, STEALTH will enter alert mode and notify both the dedicated 24/7/365 Vehicle Monitoring Team and the Police.
  4. Thanks to the instant notification of theft, recovery of the stolen bike is far more likely than when a theft is reported several hours after the event.

Offer runs until the end of November 2023