Transalp Accessory offer

Save over £1,000 on Honda Genuine accessories

adventure_pack_transalp-Transalp Accessory offer

Add an Adventure Pack for £199

Enhance the Transalp’s capabilities with extra protection and lighting with the Adventure pack for £199 including fitting – normally £890.

The Adventure Pack which contains the following accessories:

  • Radiator Grill (08F74-MLC-D00)
  • Front Side Pipe (08P72-MLC-D00)
  • Front Fog Light (08V73-MKS-E00)
  • Front Fog Light Attachment (08V70-MLC-D00)
  • Guard Attachment (08P74-MLC-D00).

Add it for £199 this spring, normally £890 including fitting

Transalp XL750
rally_pack_transalp-Transalp Accessory offer

Or add a Rally Pack for £299

Taking your Transalp off road, the Rally Pack adds to it’s function.

This pack contains a variety of accessories designed to maximise the off-road capabilities of the Transalp.

The Pack includes:

  • Skid Plate (08P71-MLC-D00)
  • Engine Guard (08P73-MLC-D00)
  • Guard Attachment (08P74-MLC-D00)
  • Quick Shifter (08U70-MLC-D00)
  • Knuckle Guard (08P77-MLC-D00)
  • Knuckle Guard Extension *NH196* Tri Colour (08P72-MKS-E00ZB)
  • Rally Step (08R79-MKS-E00)

Fit it all for £299 this spring, normally £1,299 including fitting

Transalp XL750
tour_pack_transalp-Transalp Accessory offer

Or add a Touring Pack for £499

Enhance the Transalp’s long distance travelling capabilities with the Touring Pack.

The Pack includes:

  • Pannier Case (R26,L33) (08L72-MKT-D00)
  • Pannier Inner Bags (08L78-MKT-D00)
  • Panel R/L Pannier (08L80-MKT-D00)
  • Pannier Support Stay (08L72-MLC-D00)
  • Key system inner cylinder x2 (08M70-MJE-D03)
  • Heated Grips (08T70-MLC-D00)

All for just £499 including fitting, normally £1,499

Transalp XL750
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Don't want a pack?

No problem 🙂

If there are other Genuine Honda accessories you want for your Transalp then we’ll give you up to £600 towards fitting them when you buy a new Transalp this Spring.



Transalp XL750