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CB500X is a perfect travel partner. Compact crossover styling gives a comfortable, upright riding position (seat height is just 830mm) ready for long days in the saddle or the daily commute. There’s plenty of range from the 17.5L fuel tank, effective wind deflection from the fairing and screen, while wide handlebars give plenty of low-speed control, perfect for trickling through busy traffic.

We have one in our showroom,  Grand Prix Red.

The Grand Prix Red comes with lots of extras including the comfort pack  and is priced at £6,799

Extras include Scotoiler plus Scorpion twin injector,Honda tank pad,Tracker Datatool Stealth plus Honda comfort pack (Hot grips, Knuckle guards,Wind deflectors, 12v socket,main stand)



421283_23YM_CMX1100T_Rebel-CMX1100T Touring

CMX1100 Rebel Touring

Designed for a leisurely laidback cruise, but also to offer an exciting riding experience when a twisty road opens up before you. We’ve sold a lot of these in 2023, for good reason.


CMX1100T Touring
2021 HONDA CMX1100 REBEL-CMX1100 Rebel

The Rebel CMX 1100 DCT

Right now we have a pre-registered Honda Rebel DCT in our showroom,

The CMX1100 Rebel has a dual personality. It’s been designed for a leisurely laidback cruise, but also to offer an exciting riding experience when a twisty road presents itself.

CMX1100 Rebel

NT1100 DCT

The great thing about the Honda NT1100 DCT? It’s so versatile – picking up from the CBF1000 maybe as the one bike you ever need.


NT1100 DCT
27152-23ym_africa_twin_l1_dct_mat_balistic_black_metallic_studio_rhs-Africa Twin DCT – 2023

Africa Twin DCT

We know what it can do.

With maximum performance and minimum weight, thanks to the smaller tank, and a lighter, more agile body. Push on where others fail; perfect for a variety of off-road riding conditions. Be prepared to take on new and more adventurous riding.


Africa Twin DCT
2021 HONDA CB1000R-Featured Bikes

CB1000R 2022

The essence of motorcycling.
Stylish and aggressively muscular, just a quick glance and you catch the burnished metal finishes that reflect the tradition of a hard-charging Café Racer.

Stripped back to bare essentials, this roadster is built for the pure pleasure of riding. The feeling, sensation and sound draw you in to a world of exhilarating, dynamic forward motion. And, after a ride, endless engineering details surrounding that four-cylinder engine build into a unique motorcycle form, holding your attention for hours.