Honda Ride Free Experience

Sunday 7th April 2024

angel_training-Honda Approved School of Motorcycling

Ever wanted to have a taste of what life on two wheels can be like, in a safe and friendly way?

Try the Honda Ride Free Experience

Take to two wheels on a Honda motorcycle under the guidance of our Honda Approved Motorcycle Training Instructor. You’ll be taken through the first stages of motorcycling in a safe off-road area with your instructor alongside you all the way!

You’ll be given specially selected motorcycles from our 125cc range and all the clothing and safety equipment that you’ll need. Ride Free Experience events will be taking place across the country throughout 2024 and we are delighted to say our event will be held at Angel Motorcycling Training Sunday 7th April.

Our Ride Free event is now fully booked thank you.

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What to expect on the day.

Firstly, we know that you will have an enjoyable time. The idea of the Ride Free session is to let you get the feel of riding a motorcycle in a safe and controlled environment.

This may be the first time that you have ridden, or you may have ridden a bit in the past. Either way, this session is designed for non-licence holders who want to get onto two wheels – but want to try a bike first.

So, what will happen on the day?

We ask you to arrive 30 minutes before your session time to allow us to welcome you and book you in. Our friendly Ride Free team will welcome you to the event and answer any initial questions that you may have. They are there to put you at your ease, so if there is anything that you want to know before your start feel free to ask.

We have asked you to wear suitable clothing for the day – including jeans and sturdy shoes or boots. Once you are booked in you will be fitted with a safety helmet, a jacket, and gloves. You are free to bring your own equipment and motorcycle clothing if you have some.

One of the Ride Free team will then introduce you to your motorcycle. They will explain how a motorcycle handles and balances and then take you through all the controls. You will have plenty of time to ask questions at this stage. Once you have completed this briefing it will be time to get on your motorcycle on the safe riding area.

You will be riding with your group of 3 or 4 and there will be at least 2 qualified and Honda Approved motorcycle instructors looking after you. You will not be expected to do anything that you are not comfortable with, but our instructor teams will encourage and guide you through the process of moving off and stopping, using the brakes, gears, and clutch. Your session is designed to get you riding up and down the area at your own pace – but always with your instructor on hand to help you.

Your riding session will last for at least 20 minutes, after which our team will be on hand to talk you through your next steps. You may want to consider a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course or feel ready to book a full licence course. The training staff will give you all the details you need.

We will be providing your Honda Ride Free Experience on a choice of motorcycles. We have selected models from the range which will allow a comfortable ride no matter how tall or short you are. You will note that all of the bikes we offer are geared motorcycles. As an introduction to 2 wheels the use of a geared motorcycle is, in our experience, the most beneficial. Getting to grips with the riding techniques is easier than you think. If, after your ride you would like to try a ‘twist and go’ automatic we can often arrange a separate session with our training partners.

At the end of the training day

2022 HONDA CB300R-Honda Ride Free Experience

At the end of training

Newcastle Motorcycle staff will be on hand to discuss what Honda models may suit you and discuss what you want from your motorcycle. We can happily tell you all about the deals that are available.

As a participant you will be entitled to a £50 voucher which you can use against the cost of a new 125cc motorcycle from Newcastle Motorcycles  – just ask us  for details. In addition, if you choose to take a full licence course Honda will help by giving you the chance to get a full £500 off if you buy a new Honda motorcycle over 125cc from your Honda dealer. All you have to do is train and pass your test at one of our approved training partners