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Axial D1 is a faithful replica of the boot used by Valentino Rossi in MotoGP?. The most advanced foot protection in the world, with the unmistakable style of the Doctor.
The heart of the Axial D1 is the internal upper with Axial Distortion Control System technology, an articulated structure that acts as an ankle brace, guiding the joint in making correct movements and preventing any unwanted movement that could cause a sprain or fracture. The internal structure is made of carbon and aramid fiber, lightweight and extremely resistant.
Its IN construction, with a structure and special VELCRO? straps that allow it to be worn inside the suit, make for a boot that is lighter, tapered and more aerodynamic compared to traditional footwear. A lightweight boot is an additional safety feature. In case of a fall, less weight at the extremities limits the development of centrifugal force. And less centrifugal force means less angular velocity, so a less violent impact against the ground.
Safety and extreme performance are also guaranteed by the magnesium slider on the toe, light and resistant, the metal protector on the heel, and the nylon heel, able to absorb impact and reduce trauma at the back of the foot.

Gear shifter guard
Rubber sole with differentiated design
Setscrew wrench supplied
Closing with zipper at the back
Elasticated inserts
Speed lacing system
Suit to boot fastening system
D-Stone? fabric
Split cowhide leather inserts
Upper in microfiber

AXIAL Distorsion Control System in Carbon and Aramid fiber
Certified boots to CE - Cat. II - EN 13634 Standard
Metal inserts
Nylon heel
Reinforced nylon toe
Replaceable magnesium slider (1999885 Kit Boots Slider Stainless Steel, 1996252 Kit Boot Slder Plastic 08; 1999954 Kit boot slider plastic 16)
TPU rear inner insert
Double jersey airgap liner