Honda 125cc and scooter deals

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6131-supercubc125_nv_2019_pb-415p_pearlniltavablue_1728x972-Super Cub

Honda Super Cub - 2020 model year

0% APR finance

There’s still time to get a super cool Super Cub 125cc on interest free, 0% APR finance.  There are still a handful of bikes left on this deal, but once they are gone, they are gone 🙂





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4564-3843_msx125_scooter_2018_004-MSX 125
4566-3845_msx125_scooter_2018_006-MSX 125

Honda MSX 125

0% APR finance

There’s also 0% APR, interest free finance on the 2020 model year MSX.  We have bikes in stock ready to go.


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Honda SH300

£300 deposit contribution

There’s £300 contribution towards your deposit on new Honda Finance agreements, and a low APR of 6.9% on all new SH300 scooters, 2020 model year.