Christmas closing

Christmas opening hours

Or rather, Christmas closing… We’ll be pulling the shutters down on Thursday 23rd at 5pm and not reopening for visitors until Wednesday 5th January, giving the team some much needed time off, after a year in which many of us (like many of you) couldn’t really get away.

You’ll be able to leave a message for the team if you do call, which they’ll pick up on their return – and the sales team will be checking for messages through phone, email and web every normal working day and responding where they can help.

You’ll also be able to leave a message for parts if you need something quickly between Christmas and New Year, and Pete will do his best to help there too (deliveries in to us permitting).

Despite the challenges around stock and general availability throughout the year, we’ve really enjoyed looking after you and we’re grateful, as always, that you gave us both the opportunity to help and the patience when it’s been needed (and it has been needed)…

I’m not sure anybody thought back in the summer that we’d be finishing the year with Covid so dominant in the headlines, so with that in mind can we sincerely wish you a happy, safe but most importantly fun Christmas. We look forward to welcoming you back through the doors in January 🙂

Again, thank you – from everybody at Newcastle Motorcycles: Honda

If you need breakdown assistance on a new Honda, the number you need to call is 0800 521 728