The big coronavirus FAQ

We’re going to keep this as a sticky post, and update as and when we know more info:

Are we open?
No. As per instructions we’ve all been given for non-essential travel or trade, the shop is closed to visitors until advised otherwise.

What about the service department?
Also closed. You shouldn’t be travelling on your bike to drop off or collect from us and we won’t be doing any routine services.

Can we call you?
Yes, a handful of the team have their mobile phones with them, and the phone system at the shop is transferring to them. Dial the shop and press the option for the relevant department. They can’t transfer from mobile to mobile so please don’t press for sales if you can’t get through to service, for example.

Also, call volume is surprisingly high. May we politely ask that you please only call if you have to. One person for each extension is accepting calls and we just can’t handle all of our normal calls.

What about email?
We can all access our emails as normal, as well as contact made through the websites. This would be our preferred method to minimise frustrating callers trying to get thorugh.

Are you calling us?
Yes. If you have a bike on order, or if you have a bike booked in the workshop, then we’ll be calling you over the coming days.

I’m an essential worker, and have a problem?
Okay, firstly, thanks for being at work for all of us. Call the shop as normal and press the option for service. We have calls diverted now to a mobile to try and help.

We can check if we have the parts to repair in stock remotely, and if we do, then we can arrange a repair. If we don’t have parts, we can try and get them. This will likely be limited to getting supply from Honda and Triumph only.

Emergency repair – not emergency servicing - is a fluid situation. It relies on our own staff not needing to self-isolate, our suppliers and delivery companies not needing to self isolate, and borders not shutting (Honda for example, sends many parts from Belgium). We’ll try to keep you updated.

My service is due, I’m going to go over mileage – what about warranty?
Well, assuming you're using the bike for an essential need, then you can expect a common sense approach from us and the manufacturers about any future warranty claim where the bike is overdue a service. A few weeks or months over after this period has started, or a thousand miles, is very different to a service due back in January or 20k miles over.

My MOT has expired, or is expiring soon...
There is now a six month extension on all light vehicles including bikes for MOTs expiring from the 30th. Can't imagine why they haven't done it from the date of lockdown for those falling in the gap - other than a system issue with processing it - and I expect we'll see a revision to this soon...

Our team
I have to say here, now, that I couldn’t be more proud of our team. Their attitude towards closure, conditions, workarounds and how we are trying to handle this has been first class. Please be patient with us, we’re doing our very best. Sadly, every answer brings three more questions and will for a little while longer.

Keep safe, everybody and please look after each other. We can't wait to have the doors open again and look after you properly.