We're putting Metro Radio's drivetime host, Stu Elmore, through his CBT and motorcycle test lessons to get him on two wheels.  He's loving it.

Starting with absolutely no experience, Stu has already fallen in love with bikes and there's a new CBR650F with his name all over it... We're doing it over a number of weeks to fit in with his airtime schedule, you could do all of this in a packed week with us if you wanted to.

Week 1 CBT Training
Week 2 CBT Training

Watch the first part of Stu getting on a bike for the very first time.  After a bit of a nervous start (nearly everybody has nervous excitement  for the first hour or two) Stu was soon making smooth moves around the training area.  

Most people who try motorbikes for the first time realise they are going to love it.  Maybe five percent of people come away thinking it's not for them.  Stu was definitely in the first camp...

In the second video watch Stu take to the open road for the first time and complete his CBT course.  

Stu did it split over two days to fit in with his radio schedule, but for most people it's a one day course.  He did it on a geared Honda CBF125 but you can also do your CBT on a fully automatic Honda SH125 too.

Week 3 Test Training
Week 4 Test Training

Stu gets on a bigger bike for the first time - a lovely new Honda CB500F with ABS brakes (and in this case, a very flash Akrapovic exhaust too). It's all about slow control in the first week of training for the Mod 1 element.  

Job done.

Stu's back for another session on the Honda CB500F.  More slow control with U turns and emergency stops amongst the things learned today. He's making great progress.

Week 5 Test Training
Week 6 Test Training

Mod 1 complete on his A2 licence Honda CB500F and onto a full A category Honda NC750S for the first time.

Straight out onto the roads and for the first part Stu took a little time to get used to the bigger dimensions of the bike, before settling in to it.  It was hard getting him off the bike at the end of the shoot...

More time on the road for Stu, concentrating on roundabouts and overtaking.

Definitely getting close to being ready for his test... Well done Stu.


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