Newcastle Motorcycles: brief guide to cbt, mod1 and mod2


There's a lot of really good, in-depth information on various websites, both government and schools.  Honestly, it's a lot to take in when you're starting off. Equally there's a lot of unnecessary jargon out there too, and it could be easy to feel overwhelmed by it all.

The brief notes below shouldn't be considered exhaustive: in fact it really is the briefest of the brief. It might be all you need to pick up the phone though...


Simple guide to a CBT

Starting normally around 9am, we’ll take you through an introduction and eye sight check, then teach you some basic manoeuvres on the bike but away from the public road, before breaking for lunch and briefing you ahead of a 2 hour road ride. 

We’ll not take you out on to the public roads unless we think you’re ready, and you’ll get at least 2 hours tuition on the road (this is a legal minimum).  It's not a pass or a fail: you get the certificate by showing competence and safety in completing the course after the road ride.


What does a theory test consist of?

Two things: multi-choice questions and a hazard perception test on screen.  You can practice the multi-choice questions online at the address below, and you can practice the hazard perception too by ordering an interactive DVD if you want, from the same link below


What’s in a Mod 1?

Also known as part one.  This is the part where we’ll teach you how to ride the basic manoeuvres ahead of your test.  They include slow riding, figure of 8, controlled stop and hazard avoidance.  All of these manoeuvres are performed away from the road.

The test itself lasts around 20 minutes. The training you'll do with us for it for it is typically 6 hours.


What about a Mod 2?

Also known as part two.  It's the part of the training that most people enjoy the most.  We teach you how to ride safely on the road, and perform some basic moves such as a hill start, or pulling out from behind a car.

When it comes to test time your eyesight will be checked again too.  You’ll then be asked some questions about how to check your motorcycle is safe for use on the road, referred to as the ‘show me, tell me’ questions.  We’ll let you know how to answer to these. 

After the questions, you'll be taken to your motorbike and head out on to the roads.  The road riding test takes around 40 minutes, the training you've done with us typically takes 6-8 hours.