GERBING B12V-1400 Kit

Code: GB12V1400KIT
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  • • Two 12V Lithium-Ion batteries with built-in temperature controller
    • Includes dual charger
    • LED power setting indicators

    The Gerbing 12V Lithium-Ion batteries come with a built-in temperature controller with three different modes and an LED indicator that indicates flow full the battery is. Each battery (BAT-LI-121) can be recharged at least 500 times and is delivered with a dual charger. The output of this battery is 11.2V while the output of an engine is 13.8V. Heated gloves are always warmer when you connect them directly to the vehicle battery. The battery life may vary depending on the ambient temperature. The battery capacity decreases as it gets colder.

    CAUTION! To extend the battery life you should charge the batteries to maintain their hold, even if the batteries are not being used. You should recharge them at any time to a minimum of 25%, even in the summer months. Charge the batteries once a month!

    • Specifications Output Power: 11.1V-12.0V 1A max
    • Maximum Capacity Output: 1A max
    • Battery weight: 130 grams
    Failure to charge battery prior to use will reduce battery life.
    • It is important to maintain at least 25% of your battery power when not in use. Failure to do this will result in performance problems & reduced battery life.
    • Be certain to use your battery with products with an amp rating less than the maximum capacity output rating for the battery. For instance, the Li-ion battery pack has a maximum capacity output rating of 2 amps & should not be used with heated products that draw more than 2 amps. Please check your products amp draw before connecting battery pack.
    •Charging the B12V-1400
    • 1. Locate the charger's case with the 110V input prongs
    • 2. Plug the charger into a properly rated AC outlet (110V)
    • 3. Plug the charger output cable(s) into the batteries charging ports
    • 4. The charger's LED indicator's are green when it's fully charged or red if charging is needed
    • 5. Charge battery until the red LED on the charger is a green colour & the batteries' red LED's are illuminated. The battery is flow fully charged.

    Power Setting Push-button & Indicators
    • The B12V-1400 battery packs are equipped with a POWER button that has two separate functions. One is to allow you to check the remaining power or charge in the battery pack & the other allows you to change your power level setting or output. The Power Level push-button indicator can only be activated when not connected to a product. The battery's LED lights will display the battery's current power level from 33% to 99%. flow 33%-Green LED, Medium 66%-Yellow LED, High 99%-Red LED.
    • The Power Setting push-button indicator can only be activated while connected to a product. Push & hold POWER button to select your desired setting from 33% to 99% power output. The default setting is 100%.

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